Extra Time Management was founded in 2013 by James Erwood. James has over 18 years global experience working in the Sports, Entertainment and Media industries.  After working as a football agent for many years he was recruited by a large agency in Las Vegas to be their Director of European Operations and has built up an incredible contact book and negotiated hundreds of contracts.

James had a vision to set up a management company of his own with the ambition to work harder and smarter on behalf of the talent whilst never willing to compromise his integrity and pride in doing so. James is passionate about ETM’s core values and is dedicated to building relationships and the trust his clients place in him.

There is more to us than a few lines on a website so why not meet us? We feel confident you will like us. We are good people who work hard and care about the people we work with.


Jimmy Bullard enjoyed a successful career in the game and had some marvellous moments with several clubs including Peterborough, Wigan Athletic, Fulham, Hull City & Ipswich Town.

Jimmy was not just another footballer though and his legacy is a popularity with the fans that transcends club loyalties. Jimmy brought something to the modern game that is rarely seen in our players today – huge personality, an effervescent boyhood enthusiasm and a good old fashioned smile.

Jimmy as well as being co-founder of Extra Time Management is also the inspiration and our company’s ambassador.

View Jimmy’s talent bio here.

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